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We represent one of the largest private schools in Orléans, France. Orléans is a town located one-hour away from Paris, in the Loire Valley Region. Many of the famous Loire Valley Castles are located close to our town. Sainte Croix Saint Euverte has several sites in Orléans, where its different schools are located. Here is a short presentation of our schools:logo SCSE

The primary school SCSE is located in the centre of Orléans. It has two different sites, where the pupils learn the basics of French, mathematics, history, geography and a foreign language. We also try to get them involved in various extra-curricular activities.

The secondary school is also located in the centre of Orléans, not very far from the railway station. It is a big school, which hosts around 800 pupils. However, we make sure each of them gets our undivided attention. We believe that our pupils are capable of reaching their full potential, if we provide them with the necessary tools and methods.

The general high school hosts approximately 950 students, divided in around 40 classes. These classes are specialised in different fields, depending on what the pupils want to do later on (sciences, humanities, economy etc). High school in France generally lasts for 3 years and it finishes with a national exam, called the baccalaureate. Our high school is located very close to the Loire River and to the centre of Orléans.

The professional high school offers our students the possibility to discover various professions from an early age (14 years old). They study general subjects, but also professional ones (which vary depending on what specialty they choose). They also spend several months every year doing internships – this allows them to experience different professional situations and to be prepared for the job market immediately after high school.

The superior education pole offers the possibility of continuing one’s studies with a preparatory school, a bachelor degree or a professional specialisation of two years (called in France – BTS). Our students are involved in diverse activities, that allow them to get prepared for their professional life (internships, work placements etc), but also in the student association APSO, which organises various sportive and cultural activities.

We also have a continuous training centre which offers on-demand trainings for employees, unemployed people, as well as people that are looking for a new career.
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Etablissement Catholique d'Enseignement
Sainte Croix - Saint Euverte
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